Enjoy yourself in the middle of art and nature

Above all, Odapark is contemporary art. In combination with a special natural environment. Available for everyone, free of charge. Just because it is there, thanks to the support of the Limburg Province, the city of Venray and many sponsors.

The Odapark hospitality is more. Here you can enjoy a cup of coffee, a tasty Limburg beer or a fine glass of wine. With a piece of home-made pastry or other delicacies. Either inside, in the sun lounge, or in summer on the terrace, enjoying the sunlight coming through the trees.

But that is not all. You can get married here, celebrate your party, entertain your business associates in an original way โ€“ you name it. It is possible โ€“ if you wish โ€“ to combine this with various packages during which experts provide your group with an inside view of the art that Odapark has to offer.

Check out the adjoining possibilities that Odapark can offer, apart from its core business. Odapark bids you a very warm welcome!
Please ask for specific possibilities: or +31 (0)478 513690