Art and nature combined

With support of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Heidemaatschappij, a large part of the park was restored to its original state. This beautiful film tells an important story.

In addition to being an art center and a Sculpture Park, Odapark is also a park to stroll in, with or without a dog, and to be surprised by laid out or original natural beauty. It is a variegated landscape with old trees, lanes and drifting sands. The many trees, bushes and shrubs, combined with limited nature management, provide a forest-like experience. This forest park is managed by various ‘green groups’ within the Venray community. They let nature take its course, but follow the process carefully and with a sense of proportion. They also meticulously monitor the bird population and take yearly precautions for a fertile and undisturbed breeding season. The active participation of these groups in management and organization of Odapark has contributed to restoring the south part of the park to its original state: drifting sands. Also these grounds were adapted to suit the twofold objective that Odapark has set itself for the entire park: experiencing contemporary art in a free natural environment.


Based on historical research, inventories of the tree population and the requirements, a rearrangement draft for the park was created within the framework of the Odapark revitalization plans. This was done in cooperation with Heidemij, paying attention to the Odapark role as exhibition center, and as ‘green lung’ for the people of Venray. Key aspects of the plan are a more historical arrangement of the old park with restored bowers. More information on this will be available in due course.