Sculpture Park

Thanks to art we don't see one world

Thanks to art we don’t see one world, ours, but we see it multiplied, and there are as many worlds at our disposal as there are original artists”…Marcel Proust.

Odapark occupies a unique spot in the Dutch cultural landscape, with a varying exhibition program and a Sculpture Park containing around 50 sculptures by contemporary international artists.

The essence of the word art is already an indication of its nature. Art is artificial, made by man. Art is the opposite of natural, formed spontaneously by nature. In Odapark both contrasts are present in abundance. They have been combined. But it is not a fusion for eternity.

Odapark considers this originality important, not strictly clinging to it. Therefore the sculptures in Odapark’s Sculpture Park do not have a predetermined eternity value. Often they are even deliberately susceptible to deterioration in the open air, because of the materials used. It is not about eternity, but about the context of the own era, variation and change are core values in Odapark. The entirety of nature and art, which keep changing just like the world itself.

The human interventions, in the form of works of art in the Sculpture Park, are therefore not beautiful by definition. If at all, then by accident. Nature is beautiful, we don’t need art for that. But nature does not have a purpose, and art does. Perhaps it is even possible to state that art is the human way of wresting from nature, or at least to complement it. A work of art can shine a light on the world, and because it stands out in nature, that can be very enlightening.