In visual arts, Odapark spreads its own and opinionated vision. It could be described as preventing blindness. In any case averse to blind spots. The desire to appreciate and understand in the broad context of reality can be considered as the guiding principle. An important connection can therefore be made with profane current events. Not just beauty is sought. “Put your finger on the wound, and press down hard. Delve into the subjects that no one wants to hear about. The other side of the scenery… because art is not detached from the world we live in, it is just an attempt to better understand that world through the route of imagination.” It is a proposition by Michel Houellebecq which fits Odapark.

The conceptual approach to visual art is paramount, it is the idea behind something that counts in Odapark, and humor can be very important to put things in perspective. Because a light note can hit something heavy at the heart, and nothing should be concealed from sight. Odapark does not do blind faith, it explores and probes, as long and as often it is required to keep no door unopened.

In addition to the regular exhibition program, every other year Odapark organizes a major multidisciplinary art event with a leading and current theme. In most cases these themes are related to the event sites, or they form a connection with the often emotionally charged meaning of those sites, as they have emerged today through function, use and culture in the past. Odapark considers this a way to use contemporary art to imagine the world around us. Within these event programs there is always room for cross-connections with other art forms, and they always comprise cooperation with several cultural organizations in the Euregio.

Odapark spreads the idea that art should be ‘for and of everyone’, and access is therefore free of charge.