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Group workshop painting in the Sculpture Park

“Moment” is the title of a workshop that offers the beautiful experience of painting on a painter’s easel in the open air, which is a particularly special experience as a group activity. Inspiration simply can not come any closer. The changing nature, combined with the permanent sculptures in the Sculpture Park, is the inspiration for colorful impressions painted on canvas. In case of bad weather, the Art Lab, with a beautiful view of the Sculpture Park, offers the unique opportunity to work indoors with a magnificent outside view.

Group workshop printing techniques in the Art Lab, with the sculpture ‘Ecce Homo Tesco’ by Doyle & Mallinson as a starting point

Art stimulates reflection and makes us aware of our old and new habits and our changing behavior because of social developments.

“The (im)possible man”. What could the future of mankind look like? A group workshop in the Art Lab with various drawing and printing techniques, resulting in a collection of home-made imaginary anatomical prints.

It is possible to frame the collection, or to bundle it into a book as a memento of this day.

Teambuilding in the Sculpture Park at the sculpture ‘Die Brücke’ by Reinhard Buxel

In the group activities “Everyone chips in” the whole group works together on one stone sculpture, focusing on connections and cooperation. Die Brücke by Reinhard Buxel is the starting point for the possibilities of working with stone. The workshop is held outside in the Sculpture Park, and only from May to October.

The Oda Pavilion with the varying exhibitions is freely accessible.

The costs for each workshop are € 30,00 per person. Materials, coffee and tea are included. Minimum of 10, maximum of 30 participants. Each workshop lasts 2,5 hours and can be combined with a guided tour or a ‘Kijkwijzer’. The Kijkwijzer can be downloaded free of costs via this site in PDF, or can be send digitally on request, or is in printed form available in the Odapark Pavilion, at a fee. The Kijkwijzers include:

Kijjkwijzer secondary school HAVO+
Kijkwijzer accompanying the ECCE HOMO ERECTUS exhibition

The workshop can also be combined with a picnic in the park or catering service in the Oda Pavilion.

If you have any questions, or if you want a customized group workshop in the Art Lab, then please contact or +31(0)478-513690.