Art Lab

Inside and outside

Art Lab is the new Odapark pavilion for art education, art experience and talent development. The idea to connect inside and outside plays an important role in the selection of activities. The site, with a beautiful view of the Sculpture Park, is inviting in this respect. The Odapark core values will be the guiding principles for the art experience in the educational program. To this end, we are developing a mobile inventory and a transport system for materials and tools that can be used not just inside, but also outside in the Sculpture Park, so that changes of nature that influence the art – and vice versa – can also be experienced physically.

The Art Lab will always have an open view, focusing on experimentation and dialogue. Results are not predetermined, but investigation in particular can provide room for the strange and innovative, respecting diversity. Art Lab responds to current themes and the varying exhibitions at Odapark. For the young and the old, for schools and for adult education. Especially the possibility to work inside as well as outside, in the presence of nature, history and contemporary art, offers additional possibilities for Art Lab.

The Art Lab program is developed specifically by Odaparks own project team, led by Monique Romeijn, in cooperation with BAM the mobile atelier (Suzanne Berkers) and Artist in the Classroom (Roel Sanders).

[film: in preparation]

The Art Lab theme that will be the guiding principle for the first half year of workshops, school classes, lectures, courses and performances, is entitled STILL. A comprehensive program with informative and special Odapark activities for a broad audience, addressing the theme of a still photo, a frozen image, from a film. The Art Lab program shows what is available. To discuss special arrangements, please contact Monique Romeijn, via or 0478-513690.