Odapark is an ambitious and unconventional center for national and international innovative contemporary art, situated in the quiet surroundings of 19-hectare forest/park in the middle of urbanized areas in the south of The Netherlands. About 50 sculptures of international artists are to be seen in the park, at all times and (unique for The Netherlands) free of charge for visitors, as for art we believe that it is meant to be enjoyed by everybody. In the heart of this sculpture park, among old trees and lanes lays the Oda Pavilion, were various exhibitions are organized by two curators (being an artist and an art historian) on contemporary art. Odapark is well known in the Netherlands for the much-discussed exhibitions in an environment that is referred to as ‘one of the most beautiful amongst Dutch art-institutes’.

Odapark is a small institute that combines art and literature and music, and links highly respected and already ‘famous’ artists to young starting talents. It consists of three spatial parts, a historic tea house; a foyer that serves as a café and as a basis for events organized in Odapark; and a lower situated project space, mostly used for installations made on the spot by the featured artists. Over the next ten years, the total landscape and the large original monastery garden will be returned in authentic state and fully refurbished, and this year the opening will take place of a fourth part that’s added and built in the previous months and will be dedicated to art-education.

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